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The Best Beef Cheeks Recipe

Beef cheeks recipe from the best. Beef Cheeks are the cheek muscle mass of cows and also they are a challenging cut of meat that requires to be prepared long as well as reduce to make it tender. It takes in the flavors of braising fluid well as well as when you reduced right into it, it is fibrous, virtually like drawn pork.

Cheeks are difficult, fatty, gelatinlike eating muscle mass that needs extensive food preparation. However, when dealt with correctly, they are, to my mind, even more largely sturdy than nearly any kind of various other cuts.

The beef cheek comes from the face muscular tissue of the cow. Throughout its life, the cow is regularly functioning its cheek via eating food, and also subsequently, the meat is challenging. Are beef cheeks a cost-effective cut?

beef cheeks recipe
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Dish 1: Beef cheeks in merlot

Take the stress off on a special day with this slow-cooked cut– it takes minimal initiative however provides a divine, melt-in-the-mouth appearance.

Ingredients beef cheeks recipe
2 beef cheeks, (around 800g).
8 shallots.
2 cloves of garlic.
60 g saltless butter.
1 lot of fresh thyme.
350 ml top quality merlot.
30 g high quality dark delicious chocolate (at the very least 80%), optional.
750 ml of natural beef supply.
750 g parsnips.
250 g celeriac.
2 Bramley apples.
50 ml of milk.
1 loaded tsp high-quality jam, such as blackberry or redcurrant.

Procedure beef cheeks recipe

  1. Preheat the stove to 140ºC/ 275ºF/ gas 1.
  2. Making use of a sharp blade, get rid of the sinew from the beef cheeks. Peel as well as the cut in half the shallots and also peel off as well as carefully cut the garlic.
  3. Area half the butter in a tool ovenproof casserole recipe over tool warmth. Scorch the meat around, till browned on all sides, after that delegate one side.
    Include the shallots and also fry for 8 to 10 mins, or till somewhat browned. Fry for a pair of mins, after that return the beef cheeks to the frying pan and also put in the red a glass of wine.
  4. Give the boil, prepare the red wine for around 5 mins, up until decreased by fifty percent, after that carefully grate in the delicious chocolate (if making use of).
    Put in adequate beef supply to cover, and also transform up the warmth. Bring back to the boil, period, after that lower the warmth to the least expensive setup.
  5. When the beef is practically all set, make the creamed parsnips. Bring a big frying pan of salty water to the boil.
    Include the fruit as well as a veg to the frying pan, and also simmer for concerning 12 mins, or till prepared via. Drain pipes as well as heavy steam completely dry over the warm frying pan.
  6. Mix in the remainder of the butter and after that spoon right into a mixer. Gather the milk as well as include a great pinch of sea salt as well as black pepper, after that strike till smooth, including a bit even more milk if required (you can do this in the frying pan with a hand mixer if you favor).
    Eliminate the cheeks from the casserole meal, after that position the meal over high warm. Mix in the jam, preference as well as readjust the spices, after that include the cheeks back to the frying pan and also baste.
  7. Offer with the velvety parsnips as well as all your favored trimmings.
beef cheeks recipe
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Dish 2: Braised Beef Cheeks.

When braised, these beef cheeks come to be meltingly tender, with an abundant, deep taste. You might desire to inspect with your butcher when preparing this recipe because it’s commonly required to get beef cheeks in advance of time.


  • 1 tool onion, carefully cut.
  • 4 (12-oz) beef cheeks, cut off excess fat.
  • 1 tool carrot, carefully cut.
  • 1/2 celery rib, carefully cut.
  • 1 (28- to 32-oz) can entire tomatoes consisting of juice, cut (3 mugs).
  • 1/2 tsp bitter chocolate powder.
  • 2 mugs merlot (ideally a completely dry Lambrusco or Chianti).
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt.
  • 4 tbsps extra-virgin olive oil.
  • 1 tsp black pepper.

While oil is home heating, rub beef cheeks completely dry and also period with salt as well as pepper. Brownish beef, without crowding, on all sides, concerning 20 mins complete, as well as transfer with tongs to a dish.
Preheat stove to 325 ° F.
Stir chocolate powder right into the veggie mix, after that include the red wine and also scratch up any type of brownish little bits. Rise warmth to high as well as boil till fluid is lowered by fifty percent, concerning 10 mins.
Return cheeks (with any kind of juices) to pot and also include tomatoes with juice, salt, as well as pepper. Offer a simmer, after that braise, covered, in center of stove till really tender, concerning 3 hrs.
Chefs’ note:.

  • Beef cheeks boost in taste if made up to 2 days in advance. Amazing, exposed, after that cool, surface area covered with parchment paper or wax paper as well as pot covered with the cover. Get rid of any kind of strengthened fat before reheating.

Why We Should All Be Eating More Beef Cheeks?

You might have located on your own at a dining establishment where the steward attempts offering you on the cheek of the entire baked fish he has actually simply brought to your table, or at a butcher store where the butcher attempts encouraging you of the benefits of the beef cheek. A typically neglected cut, cheeks are where it’s at.

Beef Cheeks meat, the tiny cut of meat in the hollow of a pet’s cheek (if that had not been currently evident adequate) is distinctly lean and also tender. While a lot of cuts can frequently be one or the various other– lean yet completely dry or tender yet fatty– those little cuts of the cheek are both.

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